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How to Play a .wav Sound or System Sound

The My.Computer.Audio.Play and My.Computer.Audio.PlaySystemSound methods can be used to play .wav sound files and system sounds.

My.Computer.Audio.Play(FileName, AudioPlayMode.Background)


Sample Code

Dim dr As DialogResult
Dim OpenFileDialogWav As New OpenFileDialog

OpenFileDialogWav.Filter = "Sound files (.wav)|*.wav"
dr = OpenFileDialogWav.ShowDialog()

If dr <> Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
    Exit Sub
End If

My.Computer.Audio.Play(OpenFileDialogWav.FileName, AudioPlayMode.Background)

To use the sample code, create a Windows Forms project and paste the code into a Button on the default form.

Download Sample Project

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All code examples on this site have been developed for .Net Framework 3.5