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How to Host Windows Media Player to Play Music & Video

Visual Basic 2008 can host Windows Media Player to play any supported audio or video file.


Add Windows Media Player to the Visual Studio Toolbox by right-clicking the Toolbox and selecting Choose Items...:

On the COM (Component Object Model) tab, select wmp.dll and click OK:

Create a small Form with a Button and drag a Windows Media Player control onto the form:

Add the sample code, below, to the Button.

Sample Code

Dim dr As DialogResult
Dim OpenFileDialogMP As New OpenFileDialog

OpenFileDialogMP.Filter = _
                "Windows Media Audio (wma)|*.wma|Windows Media Video (wmv)|*.wmv"
dr = OpenFileDialogMP.ShowDialog

If dr <> Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
    Exit Sub
End If

AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.URL = OpenFileDialogMP.FileName
AxWindowsMediaPlayer1.settings.volume = 80



Download Sample Project

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All code examples on this site have been developed for .Net Framework 3.5