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Windows Vista - A dog's breakfast

Opinion. It sucks. It's a complete mess; a dog's breakfast. It's bug-riddled; it contains legacy features that hark back to Windows 3.1, and, worst of all, it can't be trusted with your valuable data. The user interface only looks slick; underneath it's a slapped-together hotchpotch of brain-dead, dysfunctional and downright buggy features. Windows Vista was surely designed and built by the same well-meaning but thoroughly misguided committee of morons who were responsible for the three-legged Bactrian camel named Humphrey.

Executive Summary

If you work in an office environment and hold a position of influence, you would do well to have anyone fired who suggests your organisation should move to Windows Vista.


Microsoft admits Vista screwed

Thanks to Mhzjunkie for the link.

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